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Mortgage closing process requires a major investment in technology, resources, time and employee training,  if you are planning to do it in-house. Major global mortgage companies choose mortgage closing outsourcing services in order to better concentrate on their core competencies.

Technologically advanced, 100% data accuracy, quality, shorter turn times, data security/protection along with stringent backups and disaster recovery – this is an uncompromising promise in our mortgage closing services. Not only that, our company can highly cut down your internal operational costs to a near half.

Mortgage Outsourcing 360 is an expert mortgage closing company ensuring confidentiality and privacy for clients. Highly experienced and expert personnel of our carry out intricate methodologies, always delivering the best output to global clients. Compliance to all regulatory standards is followed by us in all phases of our mortgage closing processing.

We Provide the following Mortgage Closing Processes

  • Mortgage Pre-Closing Support Services

We undertake and assist you with pre-closing formalities such as obtaining original property insurance, down payments and closing costs, assessing closing documents and certificates, initial taxes and fees collected from the settlement company, reviewing payoff statement, etc. Our outsource mortgage pre-closing services are precise, low cost, accurate, quality-rich and has quick TATs.

  • Mortgage Closing Support Services

We collect and assemble all the necessary documents to have an in-depth review of the property and to check for easements. This is done as a mortgage loan audit to have the underwriter approve the loan application. Upon completion of the same, the closing instructions statement is sent to the settlement agent along with the necessary closing docs.

We also offer outsource mortgage post-closing services and mortgage post-closing audit.


Mortgage Outsourcing 360’s Advantages

  • Experienced personnel with world-class mortgage closing skillsets
  • Customizable and systematic processes using the latest tech and software
  • Stringent backups with disaster management technology
  • High-grade data security and protection
  • International standards in data accuracy and quality
  • Cost-effective processes having shortest turn times
  • Uncompromised multi-level quality control processes

We will ensure that our assistance in mortgage closing processes is efficient giving you peace of mind as we work with the settlement companies regarding taxes, fees, initial closing disclosure prep to make sure all documents meet the regulatory compliance.


Mortgage Outsourcing 360 always maintains transparency between clients as we communicate regularly or periodically updating clients about their project’s progress in each phase. This is carried out by our project managers who also supervise the quality control process. With us, you can effectively devote your time, resources and focus towards your core competencies. Streamlined processes, with a 24*7 working environment, and an always available customer support team will exceed your satisfaction, and help you get ahead of your competitors.

Get in touch with us by emailing to info@mortgageoutsourcing360.com to know more about our services or to clear your queries.


How can we help you?

On-point communication, great amount of flexibility that buttered our processes. An absolute relief working with you guys. Impressive and highly adaptable personnel and methodology kept our documentation and processes cohesive.

Ethan David
Aberdeen, UK